Offline Email Extractor 2.5

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Offline Email Extractor 2.5

A tool to help you extract e-mail addresses from virtually all types of files
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This lightweight app helps you extract e-mail addresses from virtually all types of files. These include e-mail client files, MS Office documents, text files, CSV files, and many others. The program is capable of recognizing and deleting duplicate addresses in your results list, and save the rest into different formats, such as CSV, MS Excel, and text.

The program's main window offers a very basic view - it consists of a toolbar at the top side and a big panel below it for the results list. You can click on the "New" button to open another window, where you can configure the parameters needed to perform a new search. There you can select an individual file or an entire folder as search target, include any existing sub folder, select the search type and mask, and enable or disable some other options, like the automatic removal of duplicate addresses.

In the same window, you can also use the "Filter" tab to create a list of exceptions, i.e., locations where the program should not go looking for e-mail addresses. To this list you can also add individual files, folders, and file extensions, which will then be ignored. Once the program finds all the e-mail addresses that match your criteria, these will be listed together with their file name, user name, domain name, domain type, etc.

Then you can save this list to a disk file by pressing the "Save" button, also on a separate window. In this new window you can set the file name and location, decide whether to append the results to an existing file, define the format of the separator and the fields that will be included in the file, as well as whether to save all records or a subset of them only. Finally, the program offers you an additional tool that will compare the latest results with others already saved to disk.

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  • Allows you to extract e-mail addresses from many types of files
  • Capable of recognizing and deleting duplicate e-mail addresses
  • Allows you to export your results list into several formats
  • Capable of finding the e-mail addresses stored in the files inside a folder and its subfolders
  • Allows you to create an "exceptions list" for your search processes
  • You can select which data from your results will be saved to disk


  • Poor visual design
  • Slow searching process


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